“You’re only given a little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it.” –Robin Williams

What is a Holy Fool?

If you’ve been around Transformational Speaking for a while, you know we believe in transformational rather than incremental change. Our founder Gail Larsen is totally besotted by the idea of the Holy Fool who doesn’t settle for the status quo. Joseph Campbell said the Holy Fool is the most dangerous person on earth because s/he is willing to break from convention to take an action that is inspired from within. Holy Fools can be disruptive, yes, but aren’t we all waiting for some positive disruption to step fully into the world to which we want to belong?

This year we invited you to the party by taking the Holy Fools Challenge and initiate one inspired action that your soul is calling you to carry out in support of something you love:

Justice, animals, the natural world, peace, health and happiness, indigenous cultures, creating fun, conscious business, the life you want to lead. . . the possibilities are endless.

We dared you and here are the winners of the
Holy Fools Challenge.

Our winners were selected by a panel of three people who celebrate holy-foolism in all its forms!

motorcycleThere is a tie for the Grand Prize! The two winners are:

MALLORY PAGE for hitting the road on a motorcycle with her canine companion in a sidecar to experience the “infinite goodness of humanity.”

Kyle-smKYLE TEVLIN for starting a business called “I Want a Fun Funeral” which supports people as they pause from their sorrow to roll up their sleeves (literally!) to do something in honor of the departed that changes the world for the better.

And now for the Poo-Pourrii special recognition awards!

  • The HOLY CRAP award for the most delightfully dangerous entry goes to RENEE BARIBEAU for healing her deepest wound and “scaling the chasm of forgiveness” so that she could be of greater service to others.
  • The RAISING A STINK award for the most positively disruptive entry goes to JULIE COLIBRI for creating a business to provide destructive mind control recovery services to fellow ex-Mormons.
  • The BADASS award for the most boldly inspirational entry goes to DIONNE WILSON whose police officer husband was murdered in the line of duty. Recognizing that lack of nutrition is a barrier to those to prison to healing and returning as productive members of society, she is creating a pilot program using proper nutrition, integrative psychiatry and positive human contact to send prisoners home healed and ready to give back.

Winners of these distinctions received $155 of Poo-Pourri products. Congratulations to our winners and thanks for everyone that entered!

Listen to our Holy Fools from 2014 and 2015.

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