“One choice to do this work could change the direction of your life.”

Part of the magic of this powerful course, which has evolved since its beginnings in 1991, is that it is designed to meet you right where you are.

You may already be a successful speaker and your life is calling you to fuller expression—or even a new direction. You could be an introvert with a significant mission and you want to find your way to speak that is aligned with who you are, rather than revving up to meet someone’s idea of how a good speaker is supposed to act.

Maybe you just want to explore your truth and share it one-on-one, or maybe you’re ready to make a bigger impact by speaking to audiences. But by now you suspect that the most authentic way to connect with others is by connecting first with yourself and your own truth.

Maybe you feel blocked. Maybe you shy away from telling your truth, even though you say you want to. Or maybe you can speak up, but sense that some core part of yourself is holding back while you speak so you’re not really heard.

Maybe you feel like you’re just scattered or dancing around your topic, because for some reason, you don’t own and embody your message. You haven’t quite claimed it, or it seems like old news, unoriginal and tired. You’ve probably learned by now that you can do the hard work of developing presentation skills, but if you’re not certain of what you have to say, it will feel hollow no matter how skillfully you deliver it.

You could be hungry to connect with your people, but feel stuck in an intellectual, approach that has you showing up as a talking head, or at a loss when more than a few people are listening. The truth is, no matter how hard you work to make your presentation clear and dynamic, until you connect fully with your message and yourself, your audience won’t connect with you or what you are saying.

You realize that we’ve been sold down the river by too many smooth-talking devils, and suspect that if there is a strategy that will work, it is based on authenticity and truth. And that’s good news because the world is calling for people who are living and speaking full out.

Robin Williams said, “You’re only given a little spark of madness. You musn’t lose it.” Transformational Speaking will help you find it!

What if instead of trying to figure out what people want to hear and saying that, you said what’s true for you and found your people?

Give up who you’re supposed to be and be YOU. That’s the way to lining up like a barcode with the people who are aligned with who you are and what you have to offer. This is the way to a sustainable venture, with relationships that bring you joy!

When new ideas emerge, you’ll know how to explore them fearlessly, and capture them in an original, compelling way.

And just imagine how much easier your life will be when you learn to trust what you know and dump the script. (Yes, you’ll even learn how to do that while speaking from the stage!) You’ll be more authentic, powerful and in the flow when you speak.

You have within you a powerful voice for change—and a message and a story that is yours and  yours alone.  Isn’t it time to say yes to the call?


“Gail Larsen has a rare gift for teaching and inspiring people. I have worked with her personally in Real Speaking and she has offered programs at our conferences for three years in succession. I am constantly impressed by the ways she helps people get over their fear of public speaking and shows them how to speak from their hearts. I recommend her without hesitation if you are seeking a deep learning experience and a hands-on way to increase your effectiveness as a leader and a speaker.”

Executive Director, Social Venture Network, San Francisco, CA

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