The Course
It doesn't matter how you arrive at Gail Larsen's transformational speaking class... as long as you are serious about elevating yourself to the next level and clearing your blocks and confusions, some of which you may not even be aware you have. - Sima Kumar, Blogger, Dreamweaver and Storyteller

Here’s What You’ll Find in Transformational Speaking™- Online!

The course includes seven comprehensive modules with a curriculum that follows the design of Gail’s four-day live Immersion experience. Each module begins with a video to help you center and ground yourself and is filled with step-by-step training audios, worksheets, and video conversations with Transformational Speakers to support you in applying what you’re learning.

Plus you’ll have regularly scheduled community calls with Gail, where you can ask questions, present your unique challenges, and receive live-group coaching. The calls will be recorded as part of the course, and you may join at any time.

To learn more, listen to a wonderful conversation I had on March 29, 2017, with four students of Transformational Speaking-Online!

Rodrigo Allel, Leah Harris, Lori Robinson and Karen Powell joined me from across the world for a teleconference to walk through our Online Academy platform and discuss their experience of this potent online course. In this recording, you can experience their enthusiasm for how the work has touched their lives and enriched their communications and self-trust. Once you hear what they have to say, you’ll want to embark on that journey yourself!

Each of the 7 modules will include:

1. An Action Guide and Journal for your assignments.

2. A short video from me (or a trusted resource) sharing a technique for grounding and centering yourself. This is to support you in alleviating fear of speaking as well as showing up as a full-bodied, trustworthy human with something significant to share—not as a talking head delivering facts and information that are easily forgotten.

3. The teaching/coursework for the module, delivered by me on audio.

4. “Transformational Speaking Applied”—a group of Transformational Speaking graduates talking about how they are using the teachings and the big difference it has made for them. (This is to goose you into trusting that what you’re being asked to do actually works!)

5. Your assignment for a self-video so you can track your progress as you more fully express and embody your voice.

6. Some modules will include additional resources and videos of Transformational Speaking in Action! I want you to see some great examples of speeches that reflect what I’m talking about, straight from the Transformational Speaking Immersion in Santa Fe

Join us in this Inspiring Adventure filled with Substance and Spirit!

The Learning Method