More Love from Transformational Speakers 


“Transformational Speaking is the Best Speaker Training Ever! I now trust my ability to create and deliver a talk with no notes and I feel so reconnected to my heart, my talent and my capacity to change the world. I see myself using my new Transformational Speaking skills in every part of my business and life. Thank you, Gail, from the bottom of my heart.”

Founder, Marie Forleo International
New York, NY

“Gail knows what she’s doing. I’ve been to a dozen speaking improvement seminars and Gail’s is the best of them all, by far. I observed her coach someone telling a story about his early teaching experience. In twenty minutes, his story improved from being painful and boring to become one of the most engaging stories about teaching I’ve heard. I believe my own public speaking improved dramatically as a result of the seminar, and I’ve been speaking for more than 40 years. Highly recommended!”

DAVID KROENKE, Pearson Education (Prentice Hall)


“My publisher Harper Collins referred me to develop my speaking skills, and I ended up with a life-changing experience. It transformed my whole experience of speaking from enduring it to really enjoying it.”

Author: Do I Have To Give Up Me to be Loved by You?, Inner Bonding, Healing Your Aloneness


“Since coming to Transformational Speaking, I have had constant public-speaking opportunities, and I’m so grateful to you.  You really helped me find my voice and my value to other entrepreneurs. Before your program, I believed that my message was ‘I’ve built a successful company, and if I can do it with my limited education and experience, anyone can do it.’  You and the group made me realize that the company culture I built should be a model for other businesses – and that our story is inspiring and compelling.  When I share the story now, I am inundated with audience members who want to talk with me; phone calls for weeks from business owners who want advice and want to tour; students who want to intern; banks and investors who want to give me money; and dozens who want to work with me.  Transformational Speaking was a great catalyst for personal and professional growth.”

CEO & Founder, Letter Logic


“I went to Transformational Speaking feeling there was a deeper, more important voice within me that had not yet found expression. I’ve found a vital piece of my jigsaw puzzle and now I know what I have to say and how to say it! Gail is a master.”



“Gail Larsen is the go-to goddess for anyone wishing to take their speaking to a deeper level. She approaches public speaking from the core outward and connected me with the passionate voice that lies behind my deeper life purpose. I find myself returning again and again to the lessons of Real Speaking.”

Photographic Artist, Seattle,WA


“Gail Larsen is a Medicine woman.  She healed me from the fear of speaking, and helped me find my truth, and my unique voice in the world. Her Transformational Speaking course made me a more courageous, joyful, and authentic storyteller.”

Producer/Consultant, Lionheart Communications, Vancouver, BC


“This not only will help you transform your speaking,
it will help you hone in into what is the most
important thing you should be doing with your life.”


“Gail Larsen has a rare gift for teaching and inspiring people. I have worked with her personally in Real Speaking and she has offered programs at our conferences for three years in succession. I am constantly impressed by the ways she helps people get over their fear of public speaking and shows them how to speak from their hearts. I recommend her without hesitation if you are seeking a deep learning experience and a hands-on way to increase your effectiveness as a leader and a speaker.”

Executive Director, Social Venture Network, San Francisco, CA


“I had my second book “talk” tonight at the Boulder Bookstore and again it was a huge success. I feel so confident, empowered, alive, at home in my message. This was unthinkable to me several months ago–to go up on stage without a script and to do such a dramatization, but now I absolutely love it. This appeared on twitter– one woman play, monologue, stillness, authentic, transparent, empowered, unconventional book signing. Loved it!’ Thank you, Gail. My experience with Transformational Speaking made all the difference for me.”

SARA AVANT STOVER, The Way of the Happy Woman