Tranformational Speaking - Online! If you want to change the world, tell a better story.

You have within you a potent voice for change - and a message and a story that you and only you can communicate. I'll help you connect with your deepest calling, the message you were born to share, and support you in speaking from that place. I call it the HomeZone - because it is where you come home to your true self.
Transformational Speaking is only half right. It is really Transformational Living. Gail is the real thing, a master at seeing the truth and a deep believer in the beauty of the human process. I want to sing from the mount that everyone should come and be in this experience. It will make you a more powerful speaker and a more powerful lover of who you really are. - Danielle LaPorte

“This not only will help you transform your speaking, but it will help you hone in into what is the most important thing you should be doing with your life.”

–  Lona Alia

Discover the path to a dramatic shift in
your capacity to speak and be heard!

Open hearts, inspire change, and move others to act with this comprehensive learning adventure
that brings the celebrated four-day Transformational Speaking Immersion directly to you!

When you take the time to catch up with yourself and give voice to who you are and what you love, you change, your life changes, and you bring healing to our world.

Yet most of us are in jet lag and haven’t caught up with who we’ve become in this amazing journey called life. We’re either in a growth spurt where we haven’t yet found the words to communicate our experience, or we’re unduly attached to what has worked for us in the past. When we look outside ourselves for a strategy, instead of inside where our truth and originality reside, we don’t even know our best stories and material.

The original, amazing part of your own story often needs to be reawakened and explored. At Transformational Speaking—Online! we dive deep. We find buried treasure. In the process, we reach for creation of your new expression rather than dictation from an old mindset.

When you find and trust your true voice, you’ll find your way to speak and be heard. You’ll grow bolder as you bring your gifts fully to the world and make the contribution that only you can make. Then you will step into the message you were born to share with the audience you are destined to serve!

If you know you're here to make a difference, If there are words in you that must be spoken, there's no one more masterful than Gail Larsen. Her keen abilities set her apart from the rest. Entrust her to refine your brilliance. Give voice to your life. The world awaits. - Elizabeth Lindsey

Through Transformational Speaking™—Online! you will:

  • Appreciate and honor who you really are by claiming your “Original Medicine,”
    the gifts and talents that you and you alone possess
  • Identify and develop your core message, the foundation for your branding
    and any presentation you ever make
  • Move beyond the comfort zone, where most speakers stop,
    to the Home Zone™ where your power as a speaker emerges
  • Understand the four levels of engagement and how your story can influence people
    whose worldviews differ from your own
  • Discover the voices you’ve silenced that bring you and your speaking alive
  • Appreciate your own S/Hero’s Journey and use your stories to move others
  • Make fear and nerves your allies with energy management practices that bring you home
    to yourself so you embody your message and connect authentically with others—with ease!
  • Dump the script with an easy method of presentation development
    that supports both spontaneity and structure
  • Learn to use your authentic power with those who can hear you, rather than the
    force of argument with those who can’t—and in the process, find your tribe!
  • Simplify and amplify all your decisions by trusting your medicine and your message
    as touchstones to what to say yes to and what to say no to.
Transformational Speaking is just that: a real and authentic process that allows one to get to the heart of the matter. Sounds simple enough, but don't be misled, our hearts are so protected and covered over with hurts and pains they are often hard to access. Gail has a safe and unique way of supporting each participant to go deep and open the window to let out and let in the yearnings of the heart's desire. What a gift! - Chuck Roppel

Just imagine . . . what it will be like when you stop believing that some new strategy will finally be your ticket to a sustainable business, and instead start believing in yourself!

What you'll find in Transformational Speaking - Online! Through a comprehensive orientation and seven teaching modules, you'll enter the process of Gail's four-day Transformational Speaking Immersion - with added reflective exercises and new material on getting yourself out there as a speaker that she doesn't have time to include in the live four-day training. And you don't have to wait for an opening in the Immersion, which is booked months in advance. You can start right now!

How the program works:

Each of the seven modules is filled with step-by-step training audios, worksheets, and video conversations with Transformational Speakers to support you in applying what you’re learning. You’ll have 24/7 access to the Real Speaking® Academy to listen to the audios and view videos of Transformational Speakers in conversation and in action. Our live group calls provide a forum to get answers to your questions, strategies for any challenges that have come up, and coaching as you explore what’s emerging for you. There’s also a private Facebook community to leave comments, post short videos for feedback from Gail and the group, find a partner or create a small Circle of Friends, ask questions, and compare notes with others on the Transformational Speaking journey. You get all the teachings and processes of the live Immersion in this elegant online course, and you can start right away!

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Run - don't walk, don't wait! If you can't afford it yet, start saving your pennies because this is transformational branding, speaking, soul work, get out your mojo work! You are going to get everything that you need, and it comes together in a magical, intensely multi-layered package. Gail Larsen and Transformational Speaking have my highest recommendation. - Jennifer Louden