A Learning Method that Fits Your Busy Lifestyle


What makes Transformational Speaking—Online! so different?

I’m excited about the elegant and easy to use platform where you’ll have your own experience of Transformational Speaking – the same course my Santa Fe clients experience, but from your own home or office or laptop, and at a much more affordable price. Here’s why this course will unleash your truth, your creativity and your originality.

It not only walks you through the proven Transformational Speaking process, it also shows you how to put your new skills into action, guides your initial steps, and keeps you accountable for following through.

In this course, you’ll actually move through the steps of creating the trust, stories and energy you must have in order to speak your truth and share it powerfully with your audience.

In your own time and pace, you’ll complete seven comprehensive course modules. I recommend you schedule no more than one module every two weeks as there’s a lot to explore, both within the course and within yourself!  Then you can engage fully in the work of the module and allow what you’re learning and exploring to be absorbed.  But if you’re in a hurry, and want to move through the course quickly, you can always go back to explore more deeply later.  With eight months of access to the course, you could even complete only one module a month with plenty of time for reflection and integration of the work. At whatever pace you choose to move, the beauty of such a process is that you will work it – then it will work you!

Each module provides an introductory video, as well as one or more in-depth training audios designed to deepen your trust in yourself and in your voice as you acknowledge and express your true gifts and discover the authentic power of your stance in the world.

You can download the audio tracks onto your MP3 or CD player and take them wherever you go. Listen to the lessons while jogging, during a commute, on the subway or enjoying the great outdoors.

Before advancing to the next session, you’ll work through proven exercises and easy-to-implement steps that put into practice all that you have learned. Plus you’ll use the innovative Intention Tracker for accountability so you stay on track with your goals.

One you sign up, you’ll be invited to attend Gail’s live monthly calls to get answers to your questions and strategies for any challenges that have come up in the module you just completed.  You can sign up at any time and attend the calls. Your voice is welcome!

Your course access will continue for a total of eight months from the time you sign up—so you can review, revisit and take in the experience at increasingly deeper levels.

But the most important outcome of your experience: RESULTS!

“Gail!  Wow, what an amazing experience.  I wish I could accurately explain to people how much of a shift can happen in just a few days.  I am now absolutely certain I can entertain and possibly enchant a crowd!  In 4 short days you helped me see that I can be compelling simply by being myself.   What a gift!!  I have spent a LOT of money over the years on speaking coaches and  marketing/platform consultants…. I spent a fraction of that on this retreat and I got my first speaking gig the day after I got back home – speaking to a HUGE potential client.  So, THANK YOU!  I am pretty sure I will have earned more than my investment in less than 30 days from the retreat!”

Building Gurus

 “Transformational Speaking was the best marketing dollars I’ve spent to date. The formulas I had been taught for public speaking left me scared speechless, robbed me of my energy and made me feel like a fraud. Now I am actually enjoying sharing my humor and my passion for my work, and let me tell you, it builds business.”



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