New on the Real Speaking front is  Transformational Speaking–Online! The four-day live Immersion is now available in a comprehensive and elegant online format, and more than 50 people from ten countries are enrolled. Some have graduated and are out speaking, others are taking it more slowly and digging deep to find the speech they were born to give to the audience they are destined to serve. You can join the course at any time and go at your own pace.
Nicole-sm-withnameI’ve asked Nicole Tingley who is beginning the course to share her experience as she works her way through the seven modules. She entered the Orientation with her own fears, as many do. 

Something called me to meet Gail and to take this course. Even if the thought of transforming my speaking skills frightens me to no end, I know I am here on purpose. Something inside me knows this is where I need to be. My intention is to hold all parts of me as they are and to trust the process of Transformational Speaking so I can create a path to reveal what lies deep inside me and to speak from that place. 

The past few years of my life have been spent exploring and self-healing while also seeking grace. I’ve felt a part of my inner being has remained dormant at the expense of something I have been afraid to be truthful to. And now, as I see myself in a much more empowered self-aware place, I’m ready to stand in who I really am and embrace that truth wholeheartedly. As Gail beautifully suggests, “Move into a place of being found instead of being fixed.” I hear my heart sing and feel incredibly spacious as those words land in my heart.

After scoring embarrassingly low on the Assessment Survey in the Orientation, I realize the huge opportunity I have to grow into discovering my true message. I feel drawn to the vast potential for transformation that lies ahead.

It is not easy to hear the voice of criticism, the one that tells me I’m not good enough, not worthy, not capable and not deserving. The one that makes me out to be a fool even before I’ve had a chance to go and make myself out a fool! The one who keeps me small, complacent and undeserving. Although something inside me wants to be revealed, a host of fears arise. Fears that have held me back in the past and fears that still hold me now. The most arduous fear for me is, “Will the world like what is revealed”? And to that fear I speak this: “Do not fret, you too will be found.”

I’m excited about this Transformation Speaking–Online!–journey. Each module will give me yet another tool to calm myself and prepare myself to speak. I trust that one of them will “speak” to me so that I will use it consistently to support my True Voice and share it with the world.